Listing your property with WHY...

Listing your rental Property with WHY Property is easy. To become part of the WHY family, just ring Toni on 0430 959 223. Alternatively, you can email Toni at

5 Steps to Listing

  • Signing the Form 6
  • Copies of your insurance
  • Keys, codes & access
  • Body Corporate & Pool Safety
  • Preparing for your tenant
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Signing the Form 6
We will not list a property for tenanting without a fully completed and signed Form 6. This is both our policy and required by the Property Occupations Act. Also, we must be informed if similar authority has been given to any other agency. Signing a Form 6 appoints an agent exclusively
The dwelling insurance policy must be current and show public liability insurance cover for a minimum of 10 million dollars. The landlords insurance policy must be current and ensure you are covered for loss of rent and malicious damage.
Keys, codes & access
We ask for three sets of keys. The tenant gets two. Our office keeps one for inspections and in case of an emergency.
Body Corporate & Pool Safety
If the property has a body corporate, you’ll need to send us a copy of the body corporate laws. And, if there’s a pool, we’ll need the form 23 Pool Safety Certificate. If you don’t have either, then you can safely ignore this step
Preparing for your tenant
The property must be clean and tidy, inside and out and meet current legislation. CHECKLIST to ensure your property is ready for tenants below

CHECKLIST to ensure your property is ready for tenants

  • Are smoke detectors fitted and in compliance?
  • Does all glass, including shower screens, comply with current legislation?
  • Are your balcony and stair railings compliant with current legislation?
  • Have you checked that all your electrical appliances, power sockets, lights and light switches are in safe working order?
  • Have you ensured that all light globes, heat lamps and specialty lighting are functioning?
  • Is the property secure with all locks in working condition?
  • Do you have adequate Building and Public Liability Insurance?
  • Do you have landlord insurance?
  • Do you have security system and if so is it in good working condition?
  • Do you have any water leaks? Small problems can cause big problems and unnecessary expenses.
  • Have you assessed the property to ensure that there are no potential trip hazards i.e. uneven avers, cracked concrete or large tree roots etc?
  • Are the gutters clear of leaves and debris?
  • Do you need to organise a gardener prior to your departure or during the time the property is tenanted?
  • Are the pool chemical levels correct and all equipment in working order and have you arranged for the pool to be regularly checked and maintained; or given the tenants the appropriate instructions to do so?
  • Does the safety fence around the swimming pool comply with State legislation and is there a self closing ate installed and working?
  • Have you ensured that you have keys to all windows, doors, sheds, garages ect and arranged at least 2 full sets to be provided to the agent?
  • Are all remotes in good working order with new batteries installed?
  • Has all gas appliances been serviced within the last two years?
  • Have all blinds and curtains been fitted with safety clips to meet legislative requirements that prevent strangulation?

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