Services and our Process

Whether you are looking for an investment property or family home, we follow the same robust process. We leave no stone unturned in our quest to source you the best property at the best price that is aligned to your strategy and requirements.

What does a buyers agent for you?

Research the market
We understand the key market drivers and can easily and quickly interpret current conditions to forecast future changes and determine property values.
Interpret the data
We have access to a number of industry platforms, reports and tools that allow us to go deeper in our research on each state, area, and home, that are expensive and not available to consumers.
Leverage our contacts
It is “who you know” in real estate and having a good relationship with and understanding of local sales agents is crucial to uncovering potential opportunities and getting the best deal.
Access more properties
Many properties are sold before they even appear on platforms like, and often these are powerful opportunities with lower competition.
Identify the opportunities
We know the stats of a good property and can quickly and easily determine whether a property has the right potential for rental income, capital growth, or a good lifestyle.
Match your needs
Just because a property looks good on paper does not mean it’s right for you. We’ll evaluate opportunities based on your specific wants and needs (mixed in with our expertise and recommendations).
Save you time
Researching property is extremely time consuming, often resulting in weekends committed to open homes, and nights committed to online research and short-listing. Let us do this for you.
Remove stress & emotion
Finding the right property is often a highly stressful and emotional process. This can result in poor decisions and difficulty negotiating to a fair price without going over your limit. We’ll keep you in check.

We Buy Investment Properties

We keep our business and our focus very clear and simple. We buy investment properties. That’s it. We don’t offer finance, we don’t offer legal services, we don’t offer insurance. Those services are extremely important, but it’s not our game. Our game is to buy the best investment property for you and your current and future situation.

We don’t limit the investment properties we find to a select audience. As soon as a property comes to us, and we think it would be a good investment, we put it out there to potential investors - via social media and email. We are pretty simple guys. We don’t buy into fanfare or any rigamarole, and that is how we have set up our business the way we have. Doing one thing, and doing it very well.

As experienced buyers agents, we have widespread knowledge of our market, and other markets. We also have a great team around us. What we mean by team, is the people we can tap into for advice and support, and vice versa.Whether it’s customers or suppliers, we work for mutual benefit. From our perspective, everyone wins or no one wins.

How We Buy

We get up close and personal with the properties that we are buying for investors. That means, we have seen the inside and outside of every property. We don’t stop there. We speak to the neighbours, the local business. We conduct both online and offline research, analysing the past, present and future projections for the area and property type.

We do the due diligence, in respect to using the property tools available (RP Data,, Council Town Planning documentation, Property Clock, etc), however, we would most definitely not rely on these in isolation. Being on the ground, looking at properties, is where you can clearly see ‘the cracks in the wall’, per se. We love data, but we won’t trust it wholeheartedly. It’s very important for us to get out there and see what’s under the covers. On paper is very different to ‘real life’.

We have very good relationships with a large number of real estate agents, which has been built up over time, by spending time, with them. Trust in this market is far from a commodity, more like a precious jewel, and is a big part of who we are, what we do and how we go about it.

We have a systematic approach to the steps involved in buying properties. We always encourage and work with clients to continually look at their current situation, as the market can change along with their investments and personal situation.

Where We Buy

We play to the market, and to your current and future aspirations. We don’t work one without the other. The property clock is a tool we are always looking at, knowledge that we encourage you to equip yourself with.

The main area we focus on is the East Coast of Australia. The states We drill down to specific regions/areas, once we have considered the market and your situation.

We are heavily buying in Queensland. This we believe has the most promising growth and affordability. We don’t see this changing for the next 3-5 years. In saying this, based on your current portfolio, this may or may not be the best next step for you, however we will address this accordingly.

We play the property game, but playing the ‘tax management’ game is also important. We are not accountants or financial planners, we can provide mentorship in this area, however, it’s vital that before making any decision you run it past your financial people. (This is something that you will hear us go on and on about).

What We Buy

We buy anything from a unit, townhouse, house, house with granny flat, developments, and commercial properties. Some of our recent purchases:

Investment Property Buyers Agent Purchase

Solid brick + tile four-bedroom house in excellent condition, with patio. Close to both public and private schools. Close to public bus and easy highway access. Close to shops.

Investment Property Buyers Agent Purchase

Long term tenants. 6.4% yield. 3 Bedroom house with double shed. Walk to schools, transport and local shops.

Investment Property Buyers Agent Purchase

Recently renovated. Zoned for Townhouses. 3-bedroom house. Walk to schools, shops and transport. Rental income is $360 per week. Solid yielding property. Capital Growth. Potential for development with neighbouring property (Subject to Council approval).

How we can help you as buyers’ agents

1. Save you time + money

Do you have time to look and inspect, including mid week.

We often take deals off the market for clients before they go to the open home

2. Leverage our relationships

Do you have time to build relationships with lots of agents?

Having long standing professional relationships with agents gives us access to Hot deals, Off market properties, before market deals, deals with motivated owners,  etc

It’s all about the relationships and contacts

3. Experienced negotiators

Have you had much experience negotiating?

We've successfully negotiated around 1200 properties for clients

4. Strategy

We can help you develop a strategy tailored to you, to help you reach your goals?

5. Our team

Do you already have a team?. We work with a team of trusted independent, accountants, brokers, building and pest guys, Solicitors, property managers, trades people, Financial Planers.